IMAP Sweden advises Dutch Total Specific Solutions on acquisition of Stockholm based Infoflex

Client Background & Objective

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Total Specific Solutions (TSS) is the European Vertical Market Software Group of Constellation Software Inc. (CSI), one of North America’s largest and most respected software companies.. TSS software solutions provide their customers real business value and allow them to operate at a high level of efficiency. TSS acquires and strengthens vertical software companies by offering them financial security, strategic guidance and sharing best practices so that they can be leaders in their respective domains.

They are constantly seeking acquisition opportunities to add value to their existing vertical markets and are equally excited to explore new verticals when great opportunities present themselves.

IMAP Advantage & Approach

TSS approached IMAP in the Netherlands to learn more about IMAP and its global presence. Following an introduction to IMAP and leveraging its international reach, IMAP in Sweden joined the project group. There then followed several meetings during which TSS explained their long-term strategy for Scandinavia, buy-and-hold-forever strategy, decentralized business model as well as defining the desired characteristics of potential target companies[AA1] . With this, IMAP in Sweden had the necessary foundations to commence the project. Their role as an extended arm for TSS into Sweden was key during the process.

Armed with TSS’s acquisition criteria, IMAP in Sweden began analyzing, searching and screening the Swedish market for targets, producing an extensive list that they later presented to TSS. Subsequently they began approaching potential targets, holding face-to-face meetings in order to qualify the targets. Based on this, TSS acquired a Stockholm based company called Infoflex Data. Being an ongoing mandate, TSS hopes to close a number of further transactions during the years to come.

Outcome & Impact

The acquired company, Infoflex Data, is a business systems supplier,  focusing on dealerships, repair shops and wholesalers in the automotive industry. Infoflex's mission is to add value to their customers' business operations and profitability via effective IT solutions. Infoflex operates in Sweden and is headquartered in central Stockholm, with local offices in Lund, Orebro, Bracke, and Lulea. With the acquisition of this vertical market player, TSS enters the Nordic region. TSS's shareholder Constellation Software Inc. already has ample expertise in the automotive industry in North America and Australia. This acquisition provides TSS the opportunity to expand further into the Nordic region.

Once a company has been acquired, it becomes part of the TSS group of businesses, which offers the best of both worlds; on the one hand, TSS provide the financial backing and expertise of a large company, whilst on the other, TSS run a decentralized model keeping well-established brands intact. Most importantly, this allows TSS’s most valuable assets; their employees, to learn, grow and excel. Being part of TSS provides a company and its employees opportunities to learn from and share expertise with many other leading software companies and thousands of highly talented Vertical Market Software experts from around the world.


Ramon Zanders, General Manager at TSS, commented:

"Infoflex is a software company that fits our software group. They focus on the vertical and specific needs of the client segments within their industry. They believe in the added value vertical market software has to offer and are close to their customers. It offers TSS the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge of the automotive industry. The acquisition of Infoflex is also another step in realizing our ambition to expand geographically in Europe. The Nordics are a region with many interesting and outstanding software companies, so we are pleased to undertake this first step."

Stefan Larsson, President at Infoflex, said:

"We were looking for a way to take the next step in our growth ambitions and along came TSS, offering us the opportunity to achieve this. Their experience and best practices in operating successful software businesses, combined with gaining further knowledge of the automotive vertical via the North American CSI companies, gives us the opportunity to further develop our position in our market. We are looking forward to the future."

Andreas Anderberg, IMAP in Sweden, added:

"We are very pleased that TSS has now completed its first acquisition in Sweden. IMAP has been working together with TSS analyzing and examining the Swedish market in the search for suitable target companies. Infoflex distinguished itself early on as a very interesting target; a well-run company, with a clear focus, in an interesting vertical market".


Andreas Anderberg
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