Advised on Sale of Company

Business Services

Sdiptech AB

PE investing in technical infrastructure companies Sweden

Acquired Majority Control of Business Operations

Metus d.o.o

Installation of elevators Croatia

IMAP advised Croatian Metus on sale to Swedish Sdiptech

Metus is specialized in installation, modernization and maintenance of elevators


Sdiptech, a „house of technologies and home of entrepreneurs“, based in Stockholm, Sweden, has signed an agreement to acquire 70% stake in Croatian elevator installation company Metus d.o.o.


Metus d.o.o., based in Zagreb, Croatia, is a European market leader in providing elevator installation and modernization services to the large elevator companies. Metus revenues in 2014 amounted to 9.1 million Euro. Majority of the revenues are coming from the German market, but the company performs its services on the Austrian, Belgian, Luxembourg, Swedish, Mexican, Peruan and other markets around the globe.


The company meets the highest technical and safety standards of all the renowned elevator companies. The acquisition will provide Serendipity Innovation with an access to international markets and access to highly skilled workforce for large and most complex projects to be executed on the Swedish market.


IMAP advised the seller throughout the process.