IMAP Michigan (Amherst Partners) advises on sale of Fremont Community Digester

​Amherst Partners, LLC (“Amherst”) is pleased to announce the sale of the Fremont Community Digester (“Fremont”) to Generate Fremont Digester, LLC.


Amherst’s Restructuring Advisory Group acted as court­appointed receiver and exclusive financial advisor in connection with the transaction.


About Fremont Community Digester

Fremont Community Digester is a state­of­the­art biodigester plant located in Fremont, Michigan. Fremont uses an anaerobic digestion process to convert organic waste from food processing plants into biogas, which is used to generate electricity that is sold under contract to a large, local utility company. The organic material that remains following the d​​igestion process is used as fertilizer. An attractive source of clean energy production, Fremont benefits from multiple revenue streams, including (i) food processing companies paying to dispose of their organic waste, and (ii) electricity sales to a local utility.


About the Engagement

Fremont Community Digester opened in 2012 to widespread praise as the first large facility in Michigan to take organic waste from food processing companies and turn it into renewable energy. After a brief period of operation, the facility closed in 2015. Later that same year, Amherst was appointed receiver by the Newaygo County Circuit Court. Amherst developed a plan to secure and maintain the facility, and began the process of selling the asset. After contacting numerous domestic and global buyer candidates, Amherst was able to identify a buyer that focuses specifically on renewable­energy businesses and possesses the financial resources necessary to invest in the renovations that will allow Fremont to reopen and resume operations.

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